Dealing with Plant Allergies in Summer with Urgent Care in Everett

Gardening and landscaping is a worthwhile hobby. If you enjoy planting, the 2016 Snohomish Co. Master Gardener Annual Plant Sale might be for you. This is an event that lets you view thousands of plant species, including grasses, berries, shrubs, and perennials.

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Everett Urgent Care: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Dance

Do you love to dance, and do you want to contribute to Everett’s growing art scene? If yes, then you may want to join Celebrate Dance!, a fundraising luncheon organized by The Dance School. The event aims to recognize the art form and its role in the community. Dancing is an activity that offers many benefits to a person. Everett urgent care providers recommend it to people of all ages to improve their fitness and health.

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Protect Yourself From the Sun While at the Garden Arts Festival

As you walk about the booths and displays at the Sorticulture Garden Arts Festival, be sure to protect your skin from the effects of the sun. This festival will be held from June 10 through 12 at Legion Memorial Park, which means that you will be exposed to plenty of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Providers at an urgent care in Everett offer these tips to help you protect your skin from sun exposure. Continue reading

Everett Urgent Care Wants You to Prepare for Howarth Park Hike

Washington sure is beautiful this time of year, and it will only continue to get better in the months to come. That is, after all, one of the primary reasons that so many people call this area of the country home. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of fitness conscious individuals throughout society who desire to get involved in various outdoor activities.

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Everett Urgent Care Tips to Remember for Safer, Healthier Bike Rides

Can you imagine yourself riding a bike for more than 600 miles? That’s the goal of Gregory Reese, an Everett resident and a man diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, in his planned fundraising campaign this fall. He will ride from Sacramento to San Diego to spread awareness about the disease and collect donations, with part of the proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association and to an eye association. Continue reading

Spring in Skagit: Start With a Visit to an Everett Urgent Care Center

You need not go to Europe to see vibrant tulip fields. Skagit Valley is less than an hour away.

The early bloom even makes it more enticing. In the run-up to the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival on the 1st of April, organizers noted the early bloom of the valley’s flowers due to the warm weather. Since December last year, the region has benefitted from record temperatures, the mark of early spring. Continue reading