Going to a Gallery? Urgent Care Experts can Help Manage Your Asthma

Arts and crafts from Africa, France, Mexico, the Orient, and the Pacific Northwest are highlighted through “Around the World” Art in the Park, an event that not only caters to art enthusiasts, but to family members of all ages as well. Other than a walkthrough gallery, guests are invited to join a scavenger hunt, watch featured artists, or just have a stroll around the venue while sampling the items each food stall has to offer.


Around the World Art in the Park guarantees visitors a colorful and fun-filled day. With amazing artwork and activities, guests are definitely in for a pleasant treat as this attraction is suitable for all ages. So whether you are with your friends or your family, you can expect a day full of surprises.

However, activities like these can prompt an asthma attack, especially if the weather and other external variables are not in your favor. This is why urgent care experts from West Everett have prepared valuable tips you can use as you manage your condition.

Follow Your Asthma Management Plan

After being diagnosed with asthma, consult your doctor and learn more about how you can effectively cope with the disease. By knowing how to handle asthma attacks at varying intensities, you can take full control of your condition.

An asthma management plan basically helps you determine if you are experiencing a mild, moderate or severe asthma attack. Each level of severity equates to an appropriate medical treatment.

Learn How to Properly Use Your Device

While asthma inhalers and nebulizers are helpful in preventing the progression of an asthma attack, a lot of patients lack the information they need when it comes to properly using their device.

If you find the instructions vague, ask for help from your doctor or healthcare providers so you are able to use your device properly. Also make sure that you abide by your asthma management plan by the letter, and that includes taking the necessary medications.

Listen to Your Body

Asthma is an on-going condition, which means that you need to constantly listen to your body. No matter how important your activity is, stop whenever you feel signs of a mild asthma attack.

Physical manifestations like wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest should never be taken for granted. Reach out for your prescribed medication or inhaler as quickly as possible so you can prevent the progression of the attack.

If after a few minutes, you feel like your condition is worsening, alert urgent care specialists in Everett, like those from U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, so you can get the necessary medical attention you need.

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