Everett Urgent Care Facilities Warn Happy Campers against Chiggers

Summer is almost upon the campers of Wenberg County Park. Although spending the summer days near Lake Goodwin can provide new novel ways of having fun, urgent care facilities in West Everett remind campers to take necessary precautions against the troublesome chigger.

What are chiggers?

Chiggers are a species of mite that live in moist environments, particularly in grassy areas, forests, and near lakes. They are harder to avoid than most bugs and insects found in the wild, as they are barely visible to the naked eye – measuring only 1/150th of an inch. The only way you can positively identify chiggers is if these six-legged red bugs form a large group.

campers against chiggers

Since chiggers are found in vegetation near ground level where it is humid and moist, it is advised to avoid walking over grassy patches or small plants while camping in Wenberg County Park. Otherwise, you may unknowingly be bitten by a chigger.

Chiggers like to bite in areas where the skin is thinnest. Their favorite body part is the ankles, but they have been known to crawl up from there and bite individuals in the crotch and underarm areas.

How do you know if a chigger bites you?

If a chigger bites you, you will quickly experience an incessant itch on the affected surface. After a few hours, clusters of itchy red welts will form on the bite area. These rash or hive-like bite marks usually take one to two weeks to heal by themselves so it is important to visit the nearest Everett urgent care provider to get immediate relief from the itch and welts.

The good news is that the bite won’t get worse as chiggers are not known for spreading diseases, unlike other biting bugs and insects. Your biggest concern is that you might end up with ugly scars from scratching yourself.

What to do if a chigger bites you

As soon as the itching starts, give yourself a hot shower or bath and scrub the skin with soap to rid of yourself of any chiggers that are still attached to you. You should also wash everything (including clothes and blankets) that made contact with the vegetation with hot water to remove any lingering chiggers.

Normally, an anti-itch ointment is enough to help heal a chigger bite. However, urgent care is needed if you notice that redness and itchiness begins to spread all over your body, as this is a sign of bacterial infection. In some cases, antibiotics are needed to treat chigger bites.

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