Everett Urgent Care: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Dance

Do you love to dance, and do you want to contribute to Everett’s growing art scene? If yes, then you may want to join Celebrate Dance!, a fundraising luncheon organized by The Dance School. The event aims to recognize the art form and its role in the community. Dancing is an activity that offers many benefits to a person. Everett urgent care providers recommend it to people of all ages to improve their fitness and health.


When you dance regularly, expect to receive these benefits:


Dancing has positive effects on the body. Because it requires a lot of physical movements, it provides the body with a good workout, helping improve heart and lung function. In fact, the muscle use and breathing rate a dancer has in a competition are the same of those of athletes, particularly swimmers and cyclists. Moreover, dancing improves balance. Quick movements and proper postures are necessary to complete routines, and these teach your body to have better control and balance.


Steps, patterns, and routines that are involved in a dance help exercise the brain. This helps sharpen your memory, preventing mental diseases such as dementia. Scientifically speaking, the aerobic exercise associated with a dance allows elderly people to age gracefully by reversing the hippocampus’ loss of volume. Responsible for controlling memory, the hippocampus shrinks through the years, causing dementia and impaired memory among adults, which can be prevented through dancing.


Dancing makes people happy. It increases your endorphin levels, helping elevate your mood and reduce stress and depression. As it establishes better coordination and harmony between the body and the mind, you can gain more self-confidence and self-discipline, which are important in improving your sense of well-being.

Given all this, dancing can definitely improve the quality of your life. However, you need to be careful in doing this activity as it could expose you to injury risks. Trauma or overuse of certain parts of your body can lead to tendon injuries, strains, sprains, and stress fractures. To avoid all these, wear proper fitting clothes and shoes when dancing. Hydrate yourself and avoid pushing through body pain. Also, use correct techniques and movements and don’t forget to warm-up before the activity and cool-down after it. If, for some reason, you sustained an injury, visit a provider of urgent care in Everett as soon as possible.


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