Everett Urgent Care Tips to Remember for Safer, Healthier Bike Rides

Can you imagine yourself riding a bike for more than 600 miles? That’s the goal of Gregory Reese, an Everett resident and a man diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, in his planned fundraising campaign this fall. He will ride from Sacramento to San Diego to spread awareness about the disease and collect donations, with part of the proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association and to an eye association.

Aside from special campaigns and events, a lot of people are also engaging in biking as a routine exercise, and Everett offers plenty of opportunities. There are numerous bike trails you can explore in and around the city, from designated bike lanes and level or paved trails for beginners to mixed-surface terrains and long rides for off-road enthusiasts and advanced bikers. You can bike along Alki Avenue or along the BPA Trail for an easy ride, or try the more challenging Bellingham Interurban Trail and the winding Cascade Trail that runs toward the Skagit River.

Of course, wherever you’re cycling and whatever your fitness or experience level is, you always have to value your safety. It’s easy to get injured if you bike recklessly, and you might end up cutting your ride short if you don’t prepare yourself well. If you are about to make biking part of your fitness routine, here are some essential Everett urgent care tips to keep in mind before, during, and after every bike ride:

Make sure you’re physically ready.

Get a complete examination or a sports physical to make sure that your body is ready for the new regimen. If you’re taking medications or managing diseases like Reese’s diabetes, have your prescriptions adjusted as needed. Don’t forget to do the necessary warm-ups or stretches before biking and to wear protective gear, such as a helmet, pads, and sports sunglasses.

Know what and when to eat and hydrate.

Fuel up with food and water, especially before long rides. Sip water every 15 minutes, particularly during hot weather, and have light snacks for lengthy trips. Replenish with a sports beverage if you sweat a lot during a workout, and eat within 30 to 60 minutes to recover well after.

Have any injury (or possible injury) treated by a doctor right away.

When you fall and hit your head, see a doctor to comprehensively check for head injuries. Concussions often don’t have apparent signs, so whether or not you feel any lingering pain, have yourself checked anyway. A facility providing urgent care in Everett, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, can also treat flare-ups of any chronic conditions (for instance, asthma attacks or spikes in blood pressure) and other minor issues like scrapes and wounds, sprains, or dizziness.


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