Spring in Skagit: Start With a Visit to an Everett Urgent Care Center

You need not go to Europe to see vibrant tulip fields. Skagit Valley is less than an hour away.

The early bloom even makes it more enticing. In the run-up to the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival on the 1st of April, organizers noted the early bloom of the valley’s flowers due to the warm weather. Since December last year, the region has benefitted from record temperatures, the mark of early spring.Skagit Valley tulips coming sooner than usual, KING 5, March 7, 2015

While the festival was still scheduled for the said date, organizers encouraged visitors to come as early as possible to catch the colorful fields. They flowers keep their color as long as the weather is cool, but warming temperatures may force farmers to harvest them early to prevent losing their freshness.

Regardless, any long trip should always be accompanied by a clean bill of health, especially in springtime. Pollen is in the air, a hassle for those with allergies. The area within and around Everett alone can harbor more or less 10 grains per cubic meter of air. This is considered high by allergy standards and could affect dozens of people.

Flu is also another nuisance to avoid this spring. Despite spring normally marking the end of flu season, some cases occur throughout the season. Remember that flu is a cold with the addition of above-100-degree fever, muscle pain, headache, and dry cough (among others). Don’t make any trip when you clearly need rest.

Before a trip, domestic or international, visit an Everett urgent care center like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group for a basic checkup. A checkup, in fact, should be a priority for those who aren’t sick, as diseases tend to catch people off-guard. If you haven’t received a flu shot yet, now’s the time to do so. Consult your urgent care clinic about the right schedule for flu vaccines as well.

You can get plenty of things done while in an Everett urgent care center since it’s tailored to cater to non-emergency needs. Highly skilled doctors will assess your health thoroughly and prescribe meds or simple health tips. You may even find out that your vulnerability to allergies or the flu is the least of your worries.

With a clean bill of health, you can go wherever you want this spring. If you missed the tulips bloom, there are still other places to spend a hearty vacation.

(Source: “Skagit Valley tulips coming sooner than usual,” KING 5, March 7, 2015)


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