Walk-In Clinic on Paine Field in Everett Warns Golfers of Dehydration

Summer is a great time for playing a few rounds of golf with a few friends or with the bosses. After all, very few things can compare to the thrill of sinking a few shots on a bright and sunny day. Unfortunately, that enjoyment can come with a few risks.

Playing golf in warm weather can lead to dehydration. In fact, many professional golfers were diagnosed with mild to severe dehydration after a full round at the course. If you’re playing in any of the golf courses around the airport in Snohomish County, and the warmth has caused you mild dehydration, hydrate immediately or head to an occupational health and urgent care in West Everett.

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Dehydration is a serious concern for golfers, especially since studies have shown that the condition can easily affect your swing. An article from the Breaking Muscle website offers more information on one such study:

These trials were first performed in a hydrated condition. Seven days later, the subjects performed the same tasks after they had been restricted from fluids for 12 hours, and reached a dehydrated state. Dehydration was controlled and monitored through body mass change as well as urine color.

The results of the study showed that mild dehydration significantly impaired motor performance (which was measured via shot distance and off-target accuracy). Cognitive performance, which was measured through judgment, was also significantly impaired when dehydrated. The results of this study are consistent with previous research that shows mild dehydration significantly impairs cognitive-motor task performance.

Of course, dehydration poses risks that affect far more than just your game. If left untreated, dehydration could lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and other heat-induced injuries, a risk that increases exponentially during the summer. As such, you should be aware of dehydration symptoms.

Common dehydration symptoms depend on the severity of the condition. Mild dehydration symptoms include cotton mouth, lightheadedness, headache, and thirst. Severe dehydration symptoms include extreme thirst, rapid heartbeat, lethargy, very dark urine, and low blood pressure.

Fortunately, avoiding dehydration is as simple as getting enough fluids as you play. As you travel between holes and wait for your turn to drive, doctors advise that you take a few sips of water. Do not fall into the trap of drinking only when you are thirsty. When you reach that point, you are already suffering from dehydration.

If you experience any dehydration symptoms, drink water immediately. If symptoms do not subside, head toward the nearest Everett urgent care center, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, for appropriate treatment.

(Source: Dehydration Ruins Your Golf Game, And All Other Sports Too; BreakingMuscle.com)


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