Sick Because of Pollution? Paine Field, Everett Urgent Care Can Help

Everett, Washington has a pollution problem, there’s no doubt about that. It isn’t surprising either, being one of the state’s industrial cities. According to The Herald Business Journal, there are currently about 1,000 commercial establishments in the city that need to be cleaned up, but the extent or seriousness of this problem is not yet clear. As such, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) gave the city a $400,000 grant to help officials identify Everett’s most polluted areas in preparation for cleanup.

grand allows everett to make list of which polluted areas to clean

Everett residents are more exposed to industrial pollutants than other cities in Snohomish County, and having Paine Field, Everett urgent care providers like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group to deal with pollution-related illnesses is an advantage for the city. Many city residents work in auto shops, gas stations, dry cleaners, and other professions rife with industrial pollutants.

Potential pollutants are also virtually found everywhere. While most people consider toxic fumes from vehicles and factories as one of these, some chemicals from everyday objects like paints, solvents, and even perfumes can also cause diseases like bronchitis and asthma. Rubber tires, in particular, contain small amounts of zinc oxide that can cause inflammation of the lungs.

This is one reason why the act of burning tires is greatly discouraged by the EPA. Everett will never forget the Tire Fire of 1984, when four million tires were disposed of through burning, unknowingly producing toxic gases that spread throughout the city and the surrounding areas until May 1985.

Sadly, some professions make it impossible for their employees to remain healthy while working. Metal smelting, for example, which is quite common in Washington State and remains an important profession in many industries, may cause sulfur dioxide poisoning to people who don’t wear the protective gear.

Fortunately, urgent care facilities like the nearby walk-in clinic in Paine Field, Everett have medical specialists capable of handling diseases caused by overexposure to pollutants. Urgent care centers can create suitable treatment plans.

Until the pollution problem is resolved in Everett, residents will always be at risk of contracting respiratory and other diseases. The only thing that can be done to mitigate the adverse effects of industrial pollution is to limit one’s exposure to it. People who have no choice but be exposed to pollution due to their professions must consult an urgent care center on how they can protect themselves from contracting these respiratory ailments.

(Source: Grant allows Everett to make list of which polluted areas to clean, The Herald Business Journal, March 17, 2014)


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