Urgent Care Centers: Ice Skating Tips That Will Help Prevent Injuries

Ice skating is a fun activity that people from all ages like to do, especially during the winter months. Here in Everett, there is a community ice rink at the XFinity Arena, a place for those who wish to enjoy some time on the ice with their family, friends and co-workers. However, mixing sharp blades, high speed and slippery ice can be dangerous, so you should always be careful when visiting an ice skating rink. If you get injured at the rink, quickly seek the help of Everett urgent care providers. Continue reading


Braving the Thanksgiving Drive While Avoiding the Need For Urgent Care

Thanksgiving increases the volume of vehicles on America’s roadways. This is the time when families visit relatives, and friends go on trips. Because of this, the roads are crowded and more pedestrians are on the sidewalks. It’s no wonder that there is a marked increase in vehicular accidents during the holidays. Continue reading

Tips on Preventing Flu and Cold to Avoid a Trip to Urgent Care Clinics

Because the cold and flu season is coming, preventive measures are important. Influenza should not be taken lightly, as it causes symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscle ache, and fatigue. It can definitely impact a person’s health and daily routines. This is why it’s important to protect yourself from this disease, which can definitely land you in an Everett urgent care clinic.

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Going to a Gallery? Urgent Care Experts can Help Manage Your Asthma

Arts and crafts from Africa, France, Mexico, the Orient, and the Pacific Northwest are highlighted through “Around the World” Art in the Park, an event that not only caters to art enthusiasts, but to family members of all ages as well. Other than a walkthrough gallery, guests are invited to join a scavenger hunt, watch featured artists, or just have a stroll around the venue while sampling the items each food stall has to offer.
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Everett Urgent Care Center: Petting Zoos and Pesky Allergy Attacks

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably pet a dog or cat at least once. But have you ever been curious about getting up close and personal with farm animals? If your answer is “yes,” then you should definitely drop by the Animal Farm event that runs from June 25 to August 21 at Forest Park.

Here you can interact with farm animals such as ducks and goats, and if you have kids, they can enjoy activities such as horseback riding. However, before you proceed to the event, , U.S. HealthWorks, which operates an Everett urgent care center, reminds people to be wary of allergy attacks at such events. Continue reading